The Superpet Chin Hut is a pine house that slides together without tools.  While it’s made of thin wood and will require glueing (elmer’s school or nontoxic wood glue will work) to stay together, it’s a great option for those pet owners who don’t have tools to build their own or don’t want to pay shipping on a heavy house.  The Chin Hut measures 8″ x 8″ x 6,25″ H so it’s not huge but will fit a single adult chin okay.  It is great because it is a wooden house which is a much better option than the plastic igloos and I think the way it goes together with the edges sticking out in the corners encourages chewing.  Overall it’s a good option, I think especially so for kits, though don’t expect it to last forever.

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  1. I have a 10 year old Ebony Female Chin and I just introduced this hut to her cage. My chin is relatively slow to adopt anything new into her cage, but she has grown to like this hut to hide in, as well as sit on top of for viewing her surroundings. I like this hut, but wish it came in larger sizes (I have the largest size). It was easy to put together and I didn’t need any glue for it to stay put. She jumps on the hut often during her daily life and it has stayed well put on many aspects. She does like to chew the edges, but that is alright and it was expected when purchased. She chews the hole opening most, since she peeks her head out of the opening when she is just hanging out inside the hut. Overall, I would reccommend this as a primary hut in any chin cage, but mine is placed on the ground level, and my chin would prefer to reside on the highest level in her cage, as well as by the cage door (where it is most transparent and likes to talk to me there waiting to be held or handed treat). My chin prefers to be inside her dust bath accessory rather than the hut (with or without dust). Since I have recently taken the dust bath out (due to the plastic clasps bending, needing replacing), she has become more involved with this hut and prefers it to other items in her cage.

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