Care Articles

  • How To Ship a Chinchilla

    Whether you are moving a long distance, or sending your chinchilla to a new home, here is some information on how to set up shipping your chinchilla. Chinchillas must be shipped by airline. They cannot be shipped by FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

  • How To Care For Baby Chinchillas

    Anytime you house a male and female chinchilla together, you should be prepared for babies. Chinchilla babies are called kits. Average litter size is 2, however litters can range in size from 1-7, with litters over 4 being rare.

  • Grooming Your Chinchilla

    Dusting Chinchillas need to roll around in special dust to keep their fur in good shape. Be sure to use chinchilla dust, not sand.  Dust should be provided 2-3 times per week; if the fur appears greasy increase the frequency however if you notice dry skin decrease the frequency. How often your chinchilla needs to […]

  • How to Introduce 2 or More Chinchillas

    Chinchillas are social animals and can enjoy living with others. Sometimes chinchillas naturally accept one another immediately and other times they need a little adjustment time. Rarely, two dominant chinchillas will not get along no matter what. It is always best to start with a slow introduction process when planing to cage two or more […]

  • Chinchilla Nutrition

    Pellets Chinchilla pellets provide all the nutrients your pet needs to grow and maintain its health.  You should only buy high quality chinchilla pellets; those that do not contain any treats or extra pieces other than pellets or list corn as an ingredient.

  • Handling Your Chinchilla

    Catching your chinchilla The easiest and least stressful way to catch your chinchilla is to cheat and use the dust bath-put down the container, when your chinchilla goes in pick up the container 🙂

  • Keep Your Chinchilla Healthy

    Find a veterinarian before you need one; this could save your pet’s life! The first thing you need to do to keep your pet chinchilla healthy is to find a qualified chinchilla vet. Not all veterinarians will treat chinchillas and not all that will treat them know a lot about them so chose carefully. Find […]