The Lixit Quick Fill Water Bottle is my current favorite water bottle for chinchillas.  When my chinchillas moved to the basement, I suddenly acquired a dropping problem and  as you can guess glass water bottles and cement don’t mix.  I had a previous bottle I liked called the Edstrom Water Buddy that had been long discontinued and this Lixit Quick Fill Bottle was very similar.  It is made of PET BPA free plastic so a chinchilla can chew through it if not protected.  The bottle has a Stainless Steel valve and a flat size so it sits tight to the cage.

The reason I like it most, is that it has what is called a positive flow valve where water can only flow in one direction, out.  This means that unlike the traditional water bottles that operate by creating a vacuum, saliva and food particles will not get sucked back up into the bottle.  Sometimes chinchillas can take a little time to get use to this new type of valve but when I switched over and left both bottles up the chins seemed to prefer this bottle.  It’s also handy to be able to fill it from the top without removing it from the cage.  Don’t turn the bottle upside down or water will come out, it’s not sealed up tight by design.

The Lixit Quick Fill Bottle is available in three sizes: 300ml, 600ml, and 1000ml

I use the 300ml size (~10oz) and also have a Stainless Steel Water Bottle Guard from my previous Edstrom bottle that works great with the Quick Fill.

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