If you are having problems with your chinchilla chewing holes in the water bottle, a glass water bottle is the solution!  Glass water bottles are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.  The Lixit Chew Proof Glass Water Bottle is my preferred glass bottle.  It is easy to screw the top on and off, as well as easy to attach to the cage, and it holds up over time.  It doesn’t continually drip and I’ve only ever had a problem with the bottle loosing vacuum once (over about 5 years of use), right after putting it on the cage and that was fixed by flipping the rubber washer and refilling.  If you continually have problems, you may need to replace the rubber washer in the lid if it is warped or worn.  Because this is a vacuum bottle, you should change the water often as saliva and food particles can get sucked up into the bottle.  Overall the Lixit Glass Water Bottle is an excellent choice for your chinchilla, JUST DON’T DROP IT!

The Lixit Chew Proof Glass Water Bottle is available in both 8oz and 16oz. sizes and may be found in the bird aisle rather than the small pet aisle.

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    1. I have gotten some a long time ago with a turtle inside but not the more recent ones. It also does not have a flat back. Lixit does make another glass bottle for bird that I believe has a flat back and it comes with a metal bracket. The smallest size would be good for chinchillas.

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