The Superpet Chew Proof Water Bottle is a glass bottle with metal covering it’s plastic cap.  I had an okay experience with these bottles.  I had really liked them at first, the glass is thick and has a flat side so it sits tight to the cage and it’s great that the chins can chew them and no guard is needed.

Over time however, the metal over the cap came loose and I wasn’t a huge fan of the plastic duck inside feeling I didn’t have a good way to ensure it was clean.  Also with use, I experienced some locking up of the valve where it was hard to get water out (a commonly reported problem among these bottles at the time); I eventually got too paranoid and found a new bottle.  Overall I think it’s a nice bottle and a good alternative to the Lixit Glass Chew Proof Bottle if that cannot be found just be sure you are checking it often to make sure it works.

Hopefully since the time I used the bottle, the locking up issue has been fixed; if you have this bottle, let me know how you like it and if you have experienced the same problem as me.

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