Whether you are moving a long distance, or sending your chinchilla to a new home, here is some information on how to set up shipping your chinchilla. Chinchillas must be shipped by airline. They cannot be shipped by FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

Traveling with your pet

If you are traveling with your pet, you may be able to bring him or her in cabin with you. You need to book in advance because there is a limit on the number of animals allowed per flight. Having your chinchilla in cabin with you is best because you will be better able to control the temperature, this is especially important during warm months where shipping would otherwise not be possible. You will need a small carrier that can fit under the seat.

Sending your pet alone

If your chinchilla is flying alone and will be picked up by someone else at it’s destination, the chinchilla will be shipped as cargo. Call the pet counter to set up the flight. It is important to take in consideration temperatures of departure, destination, and any layover cities as pets may be exposed outdoors for longer periods of time while loading, unloading, and waiting. Usually, your pet will be dropped of at the baggage counter, you fill out some papers, and the carrier is inspected, labeled, and secured. You will probably need to provide some food and a water bottle. Depending on the airline, you may or may not need a veterinary health certificate. Your pet will most likely need to be picked up at the baggage or cargo counter at the destination airport.

Most likely the carrier will need to be labeled, some pet stores sell kits for labeling animal shipments.

Airline information:
Continental Airlines (if flying alone, use quickpack)
American Airlines

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  1. Hello, I am currently living in Germany and I got a chinchilla. I’ll be getting another one soon. I will be going back to the states in a year or two. I also have a cat, and I am hoping that I will be able to take the three of them with me. However, I heard that the limit is 2 pets. I read that you can put two in a carrier, So I am hoping they will let me take them. I been trying to find what I can but I haven’t been so lucky. I need help as to what I need to do. Do I need to take them to the Veterinarian? What airlines fly Chinchillas? What do I do to not stress them out in such a long trip? Thanks!

    1. You need to call the airline and ask about the number of pets. I do not know if they will be required to be quarantined or not so that will need to be asked as well. Unfortunately I am only familiar with domestic shipping in the US but the animal desk should be able to help answer your questions. Continental and American Airlines fly chinchillas. There are links at the bottom of the article that should point you to more info for the airlines.

  2. I have one chinchilla that going to move to California from Washington with me. And I am wondering how can I get a health certificate for her. I bought her from a non-commercial family.

    1. Hi Ashley, you would get the health certificate from a veterinarian. It would basically state she’s had an exam and is healthy.

  3. I am travelling with my 2 chinchillas from UK to Italy next month. I have spoken with Pet Air UK specialists. I am confused, as I would like to have them with me, in their travel cage, in the cabin, which I believe is possible, but some people have advised they need to go in the hold. I am very concerned, as aware I am being ‘sold’ certain travel schemes, but I want the best for my chins. Any advice is wholly appreciate

    1. Hi Samantha! In the US, it is possible to take a chinchilla in the cabin but the airlines limit the number of pets in the cabin I believe to 2 for the entire flight. Unfortunately I am not familiar with international policies and if that would be an option for you. I would ask, perhaps someone else has schedule for their pet and the airline is at the limit for pets on your flight. Chinchillas have been shipped as cargo (if your not with them, that’s how they have to go) and should be fine given an appropriate travel cage and cooler temps. Having them with you ensures that they would not be left out in warmer temps and non-airconditioned areas. If possible, I would take them in cabin but as I said I’m not familiar with the rules outside the US. When you talk to the airline, please stress that chinchillas are temperature sensitive, maybe they can make an exception for you.

  4. I currently live in Florida and will be flying to Oregon to take leave then we are moving to Okinawa, Japan a week later. We have a chin and I would like some advice, he will be traveling in cargo both trips, will that be too much travel for him? I am worried it is too much stress, especially the flight over to japan because it’s 15 hours. Also, any recommendations on a interbational pet relocation service?

    1. I do not have experience with international flights or relocation services. He should be fine but may need some time to settle in to his new surroundings once in Japan. I would definitely recommend a metal carrier though so that he cannot chew through during the long flight.

  5. Hi, I was wondering which airlines lets you fly with your chin in the cabin with you? My chin is used to traveling but by car and my husband is in the military and we will be moving out of state soon. I do not want him to be shipped by cargo.. Please let me know and thanks for your time!

    1. You will have to check with the airline about chinchillas specifically but United allows some pets in cabin (just lists cats, dogs, rabbits, and some birds): https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/animals/in_cabin.aspx as does American (click link in article) which looks more promising because I do not see any species limitations listed. You can check with other airlines, as these are the main ones recommended to ship chinchillas. I have not ever taken them in cabin with me. I think most airlines allow pets in the cabin, but will depend if chinchillas are allowed. Also some airlines allow more animals than others in the cabin. American said 7 per flight which is a lot, most of the time I’ve seen 2 per flight. So if someone already claimed those spots, you’ll have to find a different flight.

  6. im getting a chinchilla soon i live in england and will be moving in 3 years to the states i dont want to give him/her away to someone because it will be hard for me and i dont want to wait until i go to the states do u know if i can carry on him/her?

    1. Tori, I believe your chinchillas would have to be quarantined when coming to the states however I have not experienced shipping internationally.

  7. Hi, I live in Canada Montreal and I’m looking for cargo/shipping service to send my chinchilla to China because Air China doesn’t allow me to bring chinchilla with me, do you know any service like that in Montreal?

  8. Hi I’m trying to ship 2 chinchillas from Parkersburg, WV to Oklahoma City, OK what are the prices to ship them it would be very helpful to know!

    1. I have not shipped chinchillas in years now. However when I had, the price ranged from $125-$180 depending on airline.

  9. Hi my name is Isaac and I will be getting a chinchilla from Peru and moving the chin to the United States. Do you thing it safe for the chinchilla to go on a plane by its self or should I get a other chinchilla to A company the other chinchilla?

    1. It should be fine for him to be on the plane by himself. I would not get a buddy for him just because of the place ride. It may even be more stressful for him to have a new friend to get used to at the same time as moving.

  10. Hi my name is Dawn and in about 3 years time will be emigrating from England to Florida. I have 2 chinchillas that I wouldn’t give up to no-one. Would they need to go into Quarantine at all if so how long would this be for, plus which airlines from England to Florida carry pet’s onboard with you in the cabins?.

    1. Hi Dawn! Unfortunately I do not have any experience with international shipping/transport so I am not sure the answer to your question. A long time ago I believe there was a member of a popular forum who moved from Europe to US and I do believe she shipped the chinchilla to someone in the US to watch ahead of time. I am not sure about quarantine. As far as airlines you would have to contact them and see the rules for carryon and then of course confirm when the time is closer.

  11. Hey there, I will bee moving with my three chins from Hawaii to California. Which Airlines would you recommend us using. We are military and just got them a week ago and I don’t want to give them up.

    1. Hi Yani, it has been a long time since I’ve shipped chinchillas so I’m not sure what is currently the best option. In the past I used Continental which is now United. If you can take them in cabin with you that would be best, however United does not allow pets in cabin to Hawaii. This may be true of all airlines but if you can find one that will allow I would go that route especially if all three live together and can fit in one kennel. Also you will need to check out quarentine regulations for Hawaii on this site http://hdoa.hawaii.gov/ai/aqs/animal-quarantine-information-page/ I only see info for dogs and cats so you should call and make sure to know whether or not the chinchillas will have to be quarantined upon arrival.

    2. As far as I know, no airlines allow pets in cabin when flying in or out of Hawaii. There are pet relocation services. I would suggest you look into Aloha Air Cargo. http://www.alohaaircargo.com/air-cargo-service/ There’s another really good one that I’ve been looking into, but can’t remember the name of it right now. A quick google search will give you some answers though. I’ve been looking into moving chinchillas interisland and have been getting the runaround from airlines, so I’ll probably just go with a relocatin service. I can’t attest to the quality of the services because I haven’t used them and my journey will only be a fraction of yours. I hope this helps.

  12. Hello, i, I was wondering which airlines lets you fly with your chin in the cabin with you? I have called about 5 different airlines and all they accept in cabin is dogs or cats. We are moving from main land to Puerto Rico. My Chinchilla is very nervous and I believe that sending him in cargo is going to be too much for him. Please help.

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