Do you want to make your chinchilla toys, a house, tunnel, hammock, or other accessory? Here are the safe materials you can use in your diy project for your pet chinchilla.

Common parts safe to use:

Lumber: Balsa, Aspen, Pine, Poplar

Natural woods: apple, pear, grape, cottonwood, elm, mulberry, pecan, sycamore, willow, yucca

Other naturals: bamboo, cholla, vine balls, vine wreaths, sisal, palm leaf, pumice, coconut, loofah, seagrass

Other toy parts: cardboard bagels or tubes, “finger traps”

Hardware: galvanized wire, nickel-plaited chain, stainless steel wire or chain

Glue: non-toxic wood glue (ex. Elmer’s)

Dye: human grade food color, I use Vita Critter

Fabric: anti-pill fleece

Do NOT use any of the following:

Cotton rope, leather, yarn, felt, plastic, batting/fill, mineral chews, hot glue, stained wood, plywood, oak or cedar wood, mdf (fiberboard), particleboard

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